Network traffic insights - fast & simple

Data analytics and insights to drive better business decisions


Deliver high-performance mission critical business applications

Sinefa VNF for programmable networks

Complete Coverage: Fits into any network from physical, virtual, to cloud

easy to deploy

zero-config probes enable immediate visibility and control anywhere

easy to consume

Simple & intuitive UI. No training, no certifications, just get the job done. 

layer 7 realtime traffic

See traffic in 1 second granularity, 10,000+ applications, Historical reporting and weekly insights at your fingertips


any network 

built for Internet, WAN, MPLS, DC, multi-tenanted aggregation points, public/private cloud, software defined.

virtual & physical probes

physical appliances with ethernet bypass, VMware, KVM, AWS, Azure



cloud-based consumption or analytics & control. No software. Plug probe, start seeing and controlling


API-first architecture

access deep traffic insights in more ways you can think of


customer facing visibility from the Provider Edge - 10, 40 & 100G

shape traffic

shaping has never been easier. Application layer, scaleable, single network wide policy.



ready to go for the software defined world

disruptive pricing

monthly, no minimum contracts, start now

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