Benefits for Partners

Improve your customer service levels

Sinefa delivers happier customers! Installing Sinefa on your customer networks means that applications will perform better. Sinefa enabled networks mean fewer complaints, fewer service tickets, fewer site visits and much faster resolution of support issues. You’ll see instant improvements in customer satisfaction. 


Improve the performance of your business

Sinefa delivers an efficient business! Sinefa allows you to manage more customer networks, more effectively and with fewer staff. Sinefa gives you a unique level of visibility so you can anticipate and upsell services that precisely match your customers’ needs. Sinefa delivers the platform for a more efficient, profitable IT business. 


Gain an important strategic advantage

Sinefa delivers key advantages! Sinefa allows you to stand apart from your competitors. You’ll be able to transition from simple static services and sales to dynamic field network management, opening up new recurring revenue opportunities. You’ll be able to provide your clients with a unique level of service.