2016 State of the WAN report finds 80% of organisations lack visibility of their networks

No visibility, no problem resolution. If you can’t see what’s going on, how can you fix it?

The influential “State of the WAN” report from leading industry consulting group, Ashton, Metzler & Associates, is a detailed survey of network professionals that highlights current trends, identifies issues and suggests avenues for future opportunities and research. It has some interesting findings.

Perhaps the most interesting – and relevant – is the glaring admission that 80% of those surveyed reported that they don’t have all the visibility they need to troubleshoot problems. Some have some level of visibility, others have a bit more, while many have none at all. Well, if you can’t see what’s going on, how can you hope to fix it?

The WAN is a fundamental asset for enterprises. If something is wrong here, then all of their enterprise applications will be degraded, leading to a loss of productivity and greater inefficiencies. All traffic will pass across the WAN at some point, so, if there’s a problem with performance, then it’s the obvious place to start looking. And here’s where the problem emerges. Unless you can quickly and easily check your traffic, review applications that are consuming network resources and all the other tasks you have to accomplish in order to identify a problem, you are essentially blind and guessing.

That wastes time and money. The answer is simple. You need a solution that enables you to rapidly see what’s passing over your WAN connections, so that you can isolate problems, identify issues and then fix them.

Sometimes, answers seem too obvious to be true. But that really is the case here. Sinefa gives you the visibility you need to understand your network, efficiently and effectively, based on real-time and historic data. It’s exactly what you need to solve problems, fast.

It's about time network visibility and control was made this simple.