A $7.8 trillion, 360m user network market

Are you exposed to it?

McKinsey recently released a report on the global flow of data and communication. It makes for interesting reading, and highlights a staggering opportunity (or risk).  Some notable facts include: 

  • Digital data flows now exert a larger impact on GDP growth than trade in goods
  • The amount of cross border bandwidth has grown 45 times since 2005 and is set to increase by an additional 9 times over the next 5 years
  • These data flows have increased world GDP by 10.1% or $7.8 trillion in 2014 alone
  • 360m people take part in cross border e-commerce
  • Tens of millions of small midsize enterprises have become exporters 

So, it’s clear that the world’s data networks have a profound impact on global growth and wealth. Crucially, there is a heavier reliance than ever on the performance of the world’s networks.  It raises some important questions that MSPs should consider, such as: 

  • Are our customers participating in these trade flows?
  • Can we ensure that cloud based applications supporting key business functions such as point of sale systems, CRM, finance and dispatch perform correctly on Internet links?
  • How can we do this cost effectively for the tens of millions of small and medium enterprises for which network performance is crucial?
  • What is the cost to our business of not having visibility into data flows? 
  • Are our competitors able to poach our customers if we can’t support their needs effectively?
  • If we could offer a cost effective solution to this customer group, what would the new business mean to our organisation? 

Network visibility and control is becoming an essential service for all MSPs.  Traditional LAN side tools and end point management still have a place, of course, but without a WAN and Internet visibility capability within your business, you’re at risk of not being able to support your customers.  In time, visibility and control will become as crucial as routers, switches and firewalls as more data migrates to internet links. Don’t miss out – find out how you can benefit from Sinefa today.

It's about time network visibility and control was made this simple.