Are your people working or browsing?

What network traffic can tell us about productivity

When collating this week’s Sinefa Network Utilization Index (SNUI), we noticed a consistent inverse correlation between the portion of bandwidth used for transferring files and browsing the web. You can see this clearly in the graph below.

These statistics provide evidence that, as web browsing increases on your network, file transferring decreases. That would imply that as people use the web for recreational purposes, so their productivity decreases and vice versa. This relationship is not unexpected. The question is how can productivity be improved by controlling traffic on your network? For example, one of our clients advised us that they switched off Facebook at their call centre, with the result that the number of outbound calls increased by 20%! That’s a huge gain in productivity. It reduces costs and impacts your bottom line, as your agents will be making more effective use of your time, resulting in more sales or prospects.

Traffic shaping gives you the opportunity to control the amount of recreational traffic running on your network. Not only is this likely to increase your productivity, but other mission critical apps are likely to run better too.

It's about time network visibility and control was made this simple.