Can Traffic Congestion Be Avoided?

Sinefa Network Utilisation Index – 14 July 2016

With data consumption currently increasing at a rate of 50% a year and increasing exponentially (last year it was 30%), there is very little chance that network traffic congestion can be avoided. Few networks can continuously accommodate such growth. The implication is that contention will exist between applications, which will cause their performance to deteriorate and users to lose productivity. This will have a correspondingly negative impact on organisations, which will suffer from reduced efficiency and an increasing cost burden.

While it is difficult to see how congestion can be avoided, it can be managed. Traffic shaping ensures that mission-critical traffic gets priority and low priority traffic, such as recreational apps can be de-prioritised. Sinefa makes traffic visibility and shaping easy and affordable on most networks and it helps you to manage the inevitable traffic congestion. It is one way in which you can future-proof your network.

The Sinefa Network Utilization Index (SNUI) provides a snapshot of the traffic running on today’s networks. The data is compiled from across all networks we have been monitoring for the last 7 days and can be used as a handy reference model. Your network may be different – so why not find out by using Sinefa to check? Concerned about network performance? Give Sinefa a try, so you can understand the problem.

It's about time network visibility and control was made this simple.