Case Study - Sinefa helps reduce network management hours by 80% (300 seat network)

recoveries sinefa

After 8 weeks deployed in the network of Recoveries Corp (, the customer observed the following benefits:

“The introduction of Sinefa has had a significant impact on our support department. We used to receive around 10-20 jobs a day logged because of network problems. We estimate that required around 10 man hours a day to address the calls. With the introduction of Sinefa, the number of jobs has dropped to 1-2 per day and they require approximately 1-2 man hours per day in support. We have also noted an improvement in overall staff productivity, but we have been unable to quantify how much that might be.

We found price to be the most attractive feature of Sinefa, however the shaping and monitoring is critical for us to establish Citrix. Sinefa without shaping would be helpful, but with shaping and quality it is a spectacular device! It is easy to use, the interface is intuitive and it is not a security risk (metadata only). There is nothing to compare with it.”

This case study highlights how network visibility and control can provided direct economic benefit to the network manager.