Enterprise cloud adoption surging – make sure you capture the benefits

According to RightScales’s 2016 “State of the cloud” report, 80% of enterprises have already adopted cloud solutions of one form or another. While different organisations have adopted cloud services and cloud infrastructure at different rates, it’s clearly an unstoppable trend. As a result, it’s essential to ensure that the services and applications that are delivered from cloud infrastructure perform as expected.

If they don’t, financial and performance benefits may not emerge as expected. In particular, as cloud traffic must traverse network boundaries, it’s essential to understand network performance so that, in turn, cloud performance can be maintained at the expected levels.

That’s why it’s essential to have full visibility of network traffic at all times – as well as the ability to control and shape it, so that it is fully optimised for your needs. Network managers need to be aware of extraneous traffic that may disrupt network link performance.

Sinefa offers complete visibility of network traffic, with the additional capability to shape and therefore control performance. It allows you to understand how different traffic types impact network performance and then shape and tune your network to ensure that critical cloud applications receive the priority and performance levels they need.

It allows network managers to control network performance and make sure that it meets the needs of the cloud-based enterprise economy. If you can’t manage your network, investments in cloud solutions may be undermined by poor performance. Anticipated benefits may not materialise, which would disrupt your evolution and growth. Don’t let your network undermine cloud service performance. Take action today and make sure you secure the benefits.