How do CIO's rein in their shadow IT?

shadow IT

The adoption of SaaS has in part been driven by departments like marketing, sales and HR, with the IT team left out of the loop. The proliferation and ease of consuming applications has meant business departments are dramatically increasing network usage, often unbeknownst to Network Managers. This is known as shadow IT.

Enterprise networks now have on average 545 cloud services. This is mostly due to the increase in SaaS applications, which is putting significant pressure on corporate networks. Many of these apps are hosted in a variety of clouds. How do network managers answer critical questions such as; which apps are using the network; which user groups are using the apps; and what impact do these apps have on network performance? If nothing else, application performance issues resulting from shadow IT add more workload to already overloaded network managers!

The rise of shadow IT looks set to continue. Application visibility, and traffic shaping across the WAN are critical in ensuring CIO's get back control of their network and allow them to lead the SaaS conversation within their organisations.