How network visibility presents an insight into human productivity

Sinefa has recently been deployed into this network because the IT team had experience poor performance. The figure below shows a list of applications and the bandwidth they were consuming during a short period in the working day. Take a close look at what’s happening: social, consumer applications dominate and are hogging the bandwidth, stealing precious resources from applications that matter. 

Two thirds of all traffic has been generated by iTunes and Netflix. Throw in a little YouTube and Facebook and that is most it. The manager must be wondering what staff are doing all day!

Incredibly, this network belongs to a major hospital. Thankfully, the IT team can start to control what’s happening and prioritise the applications that matter. 

By providing your network manager with traffic visibility and control, you can gain insight into how your network is being used and who is using it – and take action to ensure critical applications get the priority they need.

It's about time network visibility and control was made this simple.