Making adoption of MS O365 a success.

Adoption of MS Office 365 is surging, as more businesses move to the cloud. Office 365 implementations generate additional network traffic and, as a result, it’s essential to maintain network performance, not only for the new Office 365 traffic, but also for existing applications and services. 

However, many network managers experience reduced application performance after migration to Office 365, mainly due to increased load and hence congestion on the network.

The solution is to deploy Sinefa. Sinefa provides full visibility of the traffic on the network and, with the addition of the probe, allows traffic shaping to enable full control over your network. This means you can prioritise the right applications, making sure that they perform how you need them to.

This video shows how the performance of Office 365 can be assured across the entire network  - in less than a minute. Sinefa’s shaping tool is very powerful and can be applied to any relevant application. It can also be used to reduce the impact of recreational apps on business networks. When combined with Sinefa’s high-resolution traffic visibility, network performance problems can be solved easily and cost effectively.
It's about time network visibility and control was made this simple.