Rampant Social Media in your Workplace?

Are your staff losing productivity and using up bandwidth on recreational applications?

You know that feeling when it is obvious colleagues are spending most of their time on social media rather than doing their work. It makes you wonder how their productivity is affected, and what it is doing to the bandwidth. It becomes part of the culture and very hard to control (not any more).

At Sinefa, we see many underperforming networks and it is just staggering how many problems are caused by recreational use of the network. One example was a major Sydney hospital that had 85% of its bandwidth consumed by Netflix, YouTube and Facebook. At the same time, critical hospital applications wouldn’t run due to bandwidth constraints.

The cost of traffic congestion is insidious. Applications stall and stop, users get frustrated, work stops. Attitudes drop. The network manager gets overloaded with complaints. It has a huge impact on profitability. More resources are poured into bandwidth in an attempt to solve the problem. But that just allows video clips to run faster and more recreational data to be consumed. It simply doesn’t work.

Sinefa allows you to see who is using recreational data and it allows you to shape and control this traffic. You can see which users and devices are consuming which applications. It allows you to shape or block, prioritise applications in order of importance, ensure minimum bandwidth and set burst limits. Sinefa saves you time and money.

It is the first time such easy and affordable technology has been available for network managers. If your workplace is overrun by recreational data, ask you network manager to check out Sinefa.

It's about time network visibility and control was made this simple.