Sinefa Network Utilisation Index – 23 June 2016

How does your data consumption compare to average?

This week, we have an anonymous network data set to compare to the Sinefa Network Utilization Index (average of networks monitored).

It is immediately obvious that this network consumes considerably more data than average in the areas of web browsing, video and music, software updates, and social networking. It also consumes considerably less than average in terms of file transfers, interactive data, backup (non-existent) and VoIP. 

The client should consider the impact of the extra data consumption on the performance of its critical applications. Is performance suffering due to the very high levels of web browsing and video / music consumption? What is the impact on users? Does this have an impact on productivity? Simply having this knowledge allows the client to review performance and to make decisions about how to ensure a better experience for its users. 

So, if you are provisioning bandwidth for your network, you should consider the extent to which it will be used for non-critical data. Getting an understanding of the profile of your data traffic will provide better understanding of what is going on in your network and it gives you an opportunity to optimise the performance of mission critical apps. 

It's about time network visibility and control was made this simple.