Turning weeks into minutes with test automation

This little probe automation package packs a serious punch.   Any code that gets checked in is compiled and pushed straight into automation.  The package pictured above is for the hardware probes and runs several thousand tests per minute.   It includes a huge number of config and stress test permutations and all historical bugs we’ve ever come across.   New tests are added daily and some of them can increase the total number of tests by 2x or 3x. When the code is developed it first goes through extensive unit tests (code level tests) before making it into the system level tests.

What’s special about Sinefa’s probe automation package, is the speed of execution and the code level output.  Developers checking in new code, have their code automatically tested at a system level in minutes and have accurate detailed output to help identify the root cause.   Such tests would take weeks to run through manually.  Fast feedback from extensive test coverage ensures that developers can deliver high-quality features more often.

Once complete, the probe upgrades are approved and automatically all probes across the world are updated, without missing a beat. Our probes are already reading hundreds of locations and terabytes of information on every continent except Antarctica (and we nearly had a trial there too). Small, smart, amazing! Want to know more? Hit us up. We're happy to share.