The Managed Service Provider conundrum - What does virtualization mean for your business?

network visibility virtualisation

So in the old days, MSP's were managing servers, routers, switches, devices, nodes, acceleration boxes, software patches, updates etc. Of course this was done to keep your customers networks performing well, and to keep them happy. So the new world of virtualization has come along, cloud computing, cloud based apps, BYOD, your customers buying software direct from vendors etc. No doubt you guys are seeing this trend, and wondering what this means and how you'll remain relevant? Well, the biggest issue facing networks now according to Jim Metzler is application performance and traffic shaping.  See 2014 State of the WAN Report from Ashton Metzler & Associates

Your customers might be virtualizing but they're still suffering network performance issues. So, while the old Managed Services model has diminishing relevance, your new growth driver for Managed Service Providers will be monitoring the use of your customer networks. Imagine the world of a central cloud based portal giving you total visibility and control over the WAN. The applications running on it, the devices using the applications, the ability to remotely shape application usage on any WAN globally. Key to your business performance will be seeing and managing how these devices, users and applications are using the network.