Unexpected activity disrupts the network!

One of our clients, Stokes Limited, has given us some interesting news. The IT team at Stokes discovered that an employee had been bringing a mobile device to work, logging onto Wi-Fi, and then downloading content from iTunes throughout the day. That activity virtually brought the network to a halt.

With the Sinefa solution already in place, the Stokes IT team was quickly able to see the problem and identify the device causing it. Better still, they were then able to block the device from the network, allowing the problem to be eliminated and network performance to return to the expected levels.

Below, you can see a screenshot from Sinefa that shows the event. Downloading from iTunes began at 8.45 am and finished at 3 pm. During this period, it consumed a whopping 20.4 Gb of data. As can be imagined, it had a considerable impact on the performance of the network during the working day.

Such an event is part of the wider Stokes network performance story. The full case study can be found here. What started out as a dispute with their service provider has resulted in a review of how they are using their own network. Stokes benefits from continual visibility and control, which means it can quickly investigate issues that disrupt and degrade network performance – and fix them, to ensure there is no impact on office productivity.

Sinefa offers you the ability to see and understand your own traffic. From our experience, most network performance issues are the result of how the network is being used. Sinefa not only shows you what’s happening in real-time, it allows you to take action to eliminate problems. It is the ideal solution for understanding and controlling network traffic.

It’s about time network visibility and control was made this simple.