Why so slow?

Customer complaints regarding Internet speed increase costs for service providers and reduce profit.

An article in today’s edition of leading Australian newspaper, The Age, caught our attention this morning. It highlights the frustration of many internet users, who find that broadband performance doesn’t match expectations. Indeed, it’s a common source of complaint. The same article points out that around 20% of all complaints regarding Internet issues relate to speed. Clearly, this is a significant cost for service providers.

Sadly, contrary to received wisdom, most network performance issues are not, in fact, related to the connection speed. Instead, they are more commonly related to how the link is being used. 

At Sinefa, we review the performance of numerous links each day, most of which are suffering from performance problems. In almost every case, we find that the cause is that someone is downloading a large file, watching a video, or even just running a backup. 

The great thing is that, when network users are shown their own traffic, they are generally able to use their link more wisely and get better performance. And, when the link is not performing, they can just look and see what traffic is on the network and solve the problem themselves. 

While we applaud the call for bandwidth monitoring, we suggest that providing traffic visibility is what network users really need. Service providers should respond accordingly. If they do provide this level of visibility, people will understand what’s really affecting performance, reducing support calls and complaints. As a result, they will have happier customers, fewer service calls and greater profit - all without the heavy hand of government. 

It's about time network visibility and control was made this simple.