Would you like to know which employees are hogging your bandwidth?

MSP uses Sinefa to reveal valuable HR advice, saving customers time and increasing employee productivity!

User of recreational apps and web browsing can slow down your network and reduce employee productivity. So wouldn’t it be good if you could see what’s happening on your network, all the time?  Sinefa recently had an MSP client that deployed our software to try and understand what was hammering customer links, and causing performance issues.

Within an hour of deploying Sinefa, the MSP was able to clearly identify the types of traffic and the individual users causing the congestion. It was then able to fix the issue by shaping the traffic.

While showing their customer the cause of the congestion, which included one staff member downloading 21Gbps of data, the customer noted that, what he was seeing was the productivity level of his business, right in front of his eyes.

For only $65 per month, this level of visibility, provided real value – and it was equally valuable to the MSP, as Sinefa allowed it to manage network performance, quickly and easily.

Sinefa revealed high levels of recreational use of the network by application, user, and even device type to the end user customer, all in real time.

Needless to say, the MD was less than impressed – but completely convinced by Sinefa!  The MSP now provides a weekly report showing network activity, detailing the top 10 apps by usage, websites visited, and users of the network.  The MD has notified his staff that this report is now available to him, and that they should use the network appropriately.

There has been a noticeable improvement in both network performance and business productivity. Meanwhile, the MSP has resolved network performance issues for a key client, created additional revenue, and has a happy customer.

It's about time network visibility and control was made this simple.