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7-Eleven could only obtain visibility of their network by raising a ticket with their communications service provider and waiting up to 24 hours for a response.

After installing Sinefa’s traffic insights platform, 7-Eleven has real-time visibility of their entire network and the ability to shape bandwidth instantly in response to business requirements.

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90 sites across Europe, MPLS & Internet VPN, Office 365 & Azure

"The amount of control we have is incredible. The performance issues with the Telnet application are gone. By using Sinefa we have been able to solve the problems we were having with backups and Office 365. Sinefa has solved multiple problems in the WAN, but also gave insight on where the problems were coming from which we previously didn’t have. We have experienced a decrease of 20% in critical incidents tickets to our NOC" 

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Very connected audiences at live events like Coachella or Lollapalooza, challenge the temporary data networks that support them. TOURtech is now using Sinefa to transform network performance at 80-100 events every year, gaining much needed visibility and control of network traffic.

"We often only have one or two days to set up a network, so we needed a solution that would allow us to be up and running almost instantly and to manage and modify it on the fly," commented Cook. "Sinefa offered us a vendor agnostic solution that would allow us to focus on using the best product for the task, with its solution sitting in between to manage the traffic. We couldn't find anything else like it on the market." 

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Huon Aquaculture has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) solution to feed salmon in remote offshore farms via wireless network. With 100% network uptime required to ensure the solution’s success, Huon installed Sinefa’s network visibility and traffic shaping solution to ensure that the bandwidth requirements of critical production control software can be monitored, controlled and balanced against other core business applications.

“Having real-time insight into network traffic – and the ability to prioritise core business applications to optimise network performance – will allow us to really leverage our IT infrastructure to drive business growth. We can continue to create industry leading technology solutions knowing that we can balance the need for innovation with the requirement to provide a stable and reliable network for corporate users of SAP, MS Office, and related production control software.”

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“Sinefa worked straight away – it was instant gratification. The problems at our head office were resolved within days and it was clear Sinefa was the solution we needed. It was so well received that our CEO and CFO signed on the dotted line the week after the trial finished.”

Once Sinefa was deployed, Ausreo achieved 99.9% for network performance and reduced calls to internal help desk to almost zero.

Ausreo immediately deployed Sinefa across its entire network, which has
given the company control of the network down to the application layer.
“Sinefa enables us to quickly drill down, resolve issues and shape the traffic
accordingly, it just works so well.”

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“Installing Sinefa probes at each site was a piece of cake - Our network immediately came back up and Sinefa was ready to go. It was much easier and we experienced far less downtime than we had anticipated.”

The council is now leveraging Sinefa’s application classification to categorise and manage all applications on the network, enabling it to make better decisions about how the network should be behaving. 

The overall time it takes to diagnose a network issue has been reduced by at least 50 percent.

Maroondah City Council installed Sinefa’s real-time network traffic insights solution to gain insights into the applications and devices on its network, which was previously very difficult to do. The council now has confidence in knowing what is on its network, where problems are and what to fix.

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In the 6 months since implementing Sinefa visibility and shaping, user confidence has returned, calls to the helpdesk are negligible and the use of Skype for Business has increased by around 350% (from approximately 300 calls per week to well over 1,000).

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"The introduction of Sinefa has had a significant impact on our support department. We used to receive around 10-20 jobs a day logged because of network problems. We estimate a 5-10x reduction in support effort. There is nothing to compare with it.”

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"We were receiving around a dozen calls a week from users who were having application performance problems, particularly with our Microsoft Dynamics application. When we installed Sinefa it became immediately obvious that Facebook, Sound Cloud and iTunes were soaking up a lot of bandwidth. We were able to very easily implement traffic shaping and that has overcome the problem. We hardly get any service calls regarding the network now."

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