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90 sites across Europe, MPLS & Internet VPN, Office 365 & Azure

"The amount of control we have is incredible. The performance issues with the Telnet application are gone. By using Sinefa we have been able to solve the problems we were having with backups and Office 365. Sinefa has solved multiple problems in the WAN, but also gave insight on where the problems were coming from which we previously didn’t have. We have experienced a decrease of 20% in critical incidents tickets to our NOC" 

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Gerben Bremmer - Technical IT Specialist
Wavin Group


"The introduction of Sinefa has had a significant impact on our support department. We used to receive around 10-20 jobs a day logged because of network problems. We estimate a 5-10x reduction in support effort. There is nothing to compare with it.”

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Graeme Moore - IT Infrastructure Engineer                 Recoveries Corp


"We were receiving around a dozen calls a week from users who were having application performance problems, particularly with our Microsoft Dynamics application. When we installed Sinefa it became immediately obvious that Facebook, Sound Cloud and iTunes were soaking up a lot of bandwidth. We were able to very easily implement traffic shaping and that has over come the problem. We hardly get any service calls regarding the network now."

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Paul Lenehan - ICT Manager                                       Rathbone Wine Group

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