Frequently Asked Questions


What does Sinefa do?

We provide network visibility, monitoring and shaping for network managers, which allows you to find and address network performance issues quickly and affordably.

What is the strategic value of deploying Sinefa?

  • Network managers become a whole lot more productive because they have the tools to identify and solve problems quickly.
  • Network users experience less frustration and their productivity improves.
  • Network managers can make better investment and management decisions because they can see problems and weak points that need to be addressed.
  • C-suite Executives can get a clear indication of human productivity by analysing the data usage of network users.
  • Managed service providers can service their customers more efficiently, by seeing problems as they arise and being able to address them before customer complaints arise.
  • Managed service providers can generate revenue from the sale of Sinefa services.
  • Managed service providers can achieve a competitive advantage relative to those not using Sinefa

How is Sinefa deployed?

Sinefa consists of a cloud based application that you can securely access via our website and a probe that needs to be installed on your network to inspect your data. You can see our probe deployment options here on our website.

What if I already have network visibility?

There are many visibility tools available from free applications to highly technical solutions, however none have the same resolution as Sinefa while also providing quality and shaping across your entire network. Sinefa offers significantly better visibility, quality monitoring and shaping at substantially lower costs than competitors.

Why do I have to have more hardware?

We have found that our cheap, pre-configured probe is the simplest method of inspecting data. However, if you want to avoid installing more hardware, you can see our alternative deployment options here.

Can I remove other applications and hardware from my network?

Without knowing the details of your network we can’t be sure. However, with Layer 7 visibility you will have a much greater opportunity of optimising the design of your network.



Our router provides shaping and control, why do I need Sinefa?

You are unlikely to be able to see historical performance or 1- second visibility, making it much harder to diagnose network problems. Sinefa is a high-resolution affordable tool for diagnosing network performance issues.

We have change fatigue, how hard is it to deploy and use Sinefa?

Deployment is simple - sign up for an account, order a probe, install the probe, see your network.  Once installed, Sinefa makes life easier for network managers. Being able to see the network, alert you when quality issues arise and the ability to give core applications priority can reduce the stress associated with managing a network.

Does Sinefa work with  Riverbed, Cascade, Cisco etc.

The Sinefa cloud-based application can collect netflow from such appliances and use it to provide you with visibility but not the network quality or shaping features. Some technical skills are required to configure the system in this instance.


What if our network management is outsourced to an MSP?

We can work with your managed service provider to bring you Sinefa, you just need to put us in touch with them.

Can you do anything to reduce the cost of the hardware?

Where the cost of hardware is a barrier, we can provide independent financing services for you. These services are completely independent of Sinefa and we do not in anyway represent or warrant their performance. It is entirely up to you to determine where the finance is suitable for you.

How do you decide who sets the shaping policies, how do you decide who the ultimate controller of the software is?

As a matter of good governance, the person responsible for network performance should also be responsible for setting shaping policies.