Visit Sinefa for a personalised DEMO
at TM ONE Convention January 2019.

Bridge the gap between application, network and cloud performance.
Eliminate finger-pointing and drive your customers’ digital transformation
experience with confidence.

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Win an iPhone XR when you sign up


Step 1) Setup your Sinefa Account

Manually enter this link in your web browser to complete your account setup:<your-email-address>


Step 2) Download and login to Sinefa Mobile App

A QR code will separately be sent to you to download and install the Sinefa Mobile App. Simply install the mobile app and use your Sinefa Account details to login.

Once you have downloaded the Sinefa mobile app and successfully logged in, you will be automatically added into the draw for a chance to win a new iPhone XR.


Top Use Cases

Innovate and differentiate with high value, strengthened customer experience,
and improved NPS.

Come by our stand and show your customers how Sinefa can help them:

1.  Identify and fix traffic congestion
     and application performance
     issues at branch and DC


2.  Guarantee performance of cloud
     applications (like Office 365) to
     support digital transformation


3.  Complement existing visibility to
     cover visibility gaps. 100%
     network coverage and actionable

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Architected for CSP Services


Delivered as a NEW service for CSPs, Sinefa is the only customer facing network application intelligence platform that can answer the question:

“Is the problem with the application, the network or the cloud?”

Sinefa is architected for CSP services across a wide spectrum of channels and products from traditional CPE services, managed services, cloud as well as NFV and programmable networks.

  • Innovate and differentiate with high value and rapidly deployed digital services.

  • Retain customers.

  • Win-back customers (Sinefa is an agnostic over the top technology which is effectively used in customer win-back scenarios).

  • Application Intelligence and Network Intelligence creates transparency and strengthens customer experience.

  • Improve NPS.


Case Study: Sinefa for Telstra Programmable Network (TPN)

Now available on TPN, Telstra customers have achieved 100% application intelligence and network traffic visibility coverage by deploying Sinefa probes at their Internet breakouts, DC connectivity and cloud-provider links.