"The amount of control we have is incredible. The performance issues with the Telnet application are gone. By using Sinefa we have been able to solve the problems we were having with backups and Office 365. Sinefa has solved multiple problems in the WAN, but also gave insight on where the problems were coming from which we previously didn’t have. We have experienced a decrease of 20% in critical incidents tickets to our NOC" 
Gerben Bremmer - Technical IT Specialist - Wavin Group



"Our customers got immediate centralised visibility and they are delighted." 
Marc Nienkemper, Network & Security National Manager
Spark (Telecom New Zealand)



“We find Sinefa a really powerful, light and cost effective tool for managing our network. Less than one day’s worth of issues has paid for a month’s Sinefa charges.”
Steve Psaradellis - CEO - Teba Systems



“We have never been able to witness such clarity and detail on our network. We plugged the device in and once it was alive we could see data to the second."
Adam Ryan - ICT & Project Manager - Ballarat Clarendon College