It’s about building a more efficient,
more profitable IT business

Get real-time, actionable insight on the
networks you manage

The role of Managed Service Providers is changing. The MSP of the future is going to be built around the ability to provide quality network services to customers via reliable, sustainable networks. The visibility to control and manage multiple networks simply and efficiently could be crucial to your future success. At Sinefa, we understand that as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) you need to be able to deliver network services to your customers profitably and with the best possible quality. Sinefa enables MSPs to obtain continuous insight into their networks.

Sinefa enables you to deliver the network performance your customers expect, maintaining SLAs, ensuring consistent performance, tuned to the specific needs of your customers.

  1. Build a more efficient IT business
  2. Improve customer service levels
  3. Do more with less
  4. Help to deliver SLA compliance
  5. Gain a strategic advantage

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“We... get great feedback and comfort knowing what is going on, while getting proactive alerts when there is a potential issue. Sinefa has given us real peace of mind.”

Steve Psaradellis
June 2015

“We have saved about two hours of productivity a day, and have a happier team (priceless). Less than one day’s worth of issues has paid for a month’s Sinefa charges... We find Sinefa a really powerful, light and cost effective tool for managing our network and the networks of our clients.”

Matthew Jarvis
Business Development Manager
June 2015

“Prior to deploying Sinefa we tried every trick in the book or so we thought, we then deployed Sinefa and within seconds (not even minutes) we were shown the issue which allowed us to not only fix the issue but provide greater confidence to our client that we were able to resolve an issue that 2 other IT companies couldn’t solve in 12 months!

Robert Alderman
June 2015

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