“Sinefa will allow you to lead the market with a product feature that has not been technologically or commercially viable until now.”

  • deep packet inspection
  • scaleability
  • multi-tenancy
  • low cost
  • cloud based
  • easy deployment

Increasingly, network users want to understand how they are using their bandwidth and they want better network performance. Sinefa provides a critical break- through with affordable deep packet inspection and a simple, live customer-facing dashboard.

That means your customer can see which applications are consuming bandwidth live from their own desk. That visibility will help them ensure their core applica- tions get priority. They can also make better decisions about network performance and investment.

Sinefa’s software sits inside your network and looks at the traffic going to and from your customers. The traffic undergoes deep packet inspection (DPI) at layer 7 and can be segmented into individual customer accounts.

Sinefa’s Application Programming Interface (API) allows this information to be accessed online via a customer portal. Other delivery methods such as HTML and PDF are also available.