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"certain devices and client machines were periodically flooding the link with updates (mainly iOS and Windows updates). Sinefa is a "plug and play" system, which is very easy to install. We even had a non-technical customer install one on site for us.  Internally we have saved about two hours of productivity a day, and have a happier team (priceless). Less than one day’s worth of issues has paid for a month’s Sinefa charges."

Steve Psaradellis CEO Teba Systems

"We have gone from 2-3 network quality calls per week from the head office to zero. The client is now enjoying the user experience we strive for, and the relationship between the client, Strong Solutions and Telstra has been enhanced."

Kelvin Hay Director Strong Solutions

“ Sinefa provided the data we needed to deliver a great user experience and is now a crucial part of our business.”

Murray Baker Technical Lead Regal IT

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Key features for IT companies

It’s multi-tenanted

Sinefa is multi-tenanted, allowing you to see and manage many networks from just one screen which means lower OPEX and better profit margins.

Enables a rapid response

It has alerting features, which allow you to be notified when network performance deteriorates: that means you can get to client problems quickly.

Simple, intuitive administration

Invite any number of system users to an account and control their level of access - all from one screen.

Comprehensive reporting

The reporting feature allows you to capture and dispatch information about the network with a click of a button.



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