Become an expert and get the most of your Sinefa with these simple videos.

5 minute User Interface demonstration

A 5-minute demonstration of Sinefa's application visibility, traffic shaping and network quality functions. Sinefa is the worlds easiest network traffic visibility tool that shows you exactly what is running over the Wide Area Data Network and the Internet.

HOW IT WORKS: Network Traffic Intelligence and Application Performance Monitoring

Network traffic intelligence and Application Performance monitoring How does it work? Explore the key components of Sinefa’s leading zero-config, cloud-native architecture in this 1-minute video.

Sinefa Training 01 - Sinefa Introduction and New Account Creation

This is Sinefa training including an introduction to Sinefa, technical overview and creating new customer accounts

Sinefa Training 02 - Traffic Shaping

This Sinefa training video covers Traffic Shaping overview and configuration examples.