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Sinefa 10Gbps 

Sinefa latest SF950 hardware platform is built for speed. All of Sinefa's features and benefits now available at 10Gbps speeds. The SF950 supports multiple network interfaces with the ability to process multiple high speed traffic sources simultaneously. 


Segmentation based on AD group

Adding to the plethora of available segmentation options, network managers can now segment traffic based on AD group. Environments which require separation between logical user groups within the organisation or even multi-tenanted locations which share a common AD tree can now be segmented. This feature is available in Sinefa's Enterprise package. See more detail


Shaping by AD group

Shaping by AD groups makes dynamic traffic prioritisation a breeze. Configure the shaping policy for specific groups and let Sinefa do all the work for you. All you need to do is ensure that new users are added to their respective group in the AD tree. No software agents on Domain Controller required. This feature is available in Sinefa's Enterprise package. 


More Public Probes - Azure

Public Probes in Azure are now available. These Probes are close to Office 365/Dynamics locations to provide more accurate insights into quality between the edge and the critical cloud applications. See more detail


Hyper-V support

Deploy Sinefa virtual probes on Hyper-V.  Spin up a Sinefa virtual probe, setup a span port and start getting insights into the applications traversing your network.

See Hyper-v Quick Start guide   

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