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Why our Partners love Sinefa

“Network dropouts at a key client were impacting core business applications and we were not delivering on our promise of a great user experience.

Our partners at Telstra suggested looking at Sinefa. We created a free trial account and within within 10 minutes of deploying a probe, we had identified the underlying cause (device updates) and applied a policy to shape that traffic.

We have gone from 2-3 network quality calls per week from the head office to zero. The client is now enjoying the user experience we strive for, and the relationship between the client, Strong Solutions and Telstra has been enhanced."

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Kelvin Hay - Director                                                                       Strong Solutions


“Sinefa was a perfect fit for our needs. The free trial gave us the confidence to utilise Sinefa as part of a critical project to deploy Office 365 and Skype for Business via Citrix for a key client. 

We had the added benefit of identifying 200GB/month of erroneous network traffic from one of our internal VMs. 

Sinefa provided the data we needed to deliver a great user experience and is now a crucial part of our business.”

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Murray Baker - Technical Lead                                                           Regal IT


“When I was approached by Sinefa advising they had a solution for our clients networking issues, I was sceptical, very skeptical! They promised me I could see what was going out to the internet, prioritise the traffic and get a deeper insight in to how the internet was being utilised. I was wrong! This little black box (literally is a little black box) has allowed us to better optimise clients network with a press of a button."

Robert Adelman - Owner                                                             ITTelligent


"We have recently installed Sinefa onto our network. The overall solution is a very simple and it has reduced the amount of time required in diagnosing internet traffic. It has also highlighted how bandwidth is being utilised by our personnel. The system was very easy to install and Sinefa’s support has been great throughout the process." 

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Matthew Jarvis - Business Development Manager                               Tango Technology


“We were experiencing intermittent poor performance on a data link, we were unable to pin it down and the link speed tests always showed a satisfactory download/upload. After just a few days of implementing Sinefa, we got a clear picture that there were serious errors on the link throughout the day, and night. We also noticed that certain devices and client machines were periodically flooding the link with updates (mainly iOS and Windows updates). Sinefa is a "plug and play" system, which is very easy to install. We even had a non-technical customer install one on site for us.  Internally we have saved about two hours of productivity a day, and have a happier team (priceless). Less than one day’s worth of issues has paid for a month’s Sinefa charges."

Steve Psaradellis - CEO                                                                       Teba Systems

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