Customer Stories

Why our customers love Sinefa

“Network dropouts at a key client were impacting core business applications and we were not delivering on our promise of a great user experience.
Our partners at Telstra suggested looking at Sinefa. We created a free trial account and within within 10 minutes of deploying a probe, we had indentified the underlying cause (device updates) and applied a policy to shape that traffic.
We have gone from 2-3 network quality calls per week from the head office to zero. The client is now enjoying the user experience we strive for, and the relationship between the client, Strong Solutions and Telstra has been enhanced."
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"On using the probe, my specific piece of insight was about viewed websites and by whom.  
I am aware there are hundreds of products that could of performed that function but I am genuinely impressed with the simplicity of use and implementation with a probe plus I know it does so much more at an application level."
Kelvin Hay
Strong Solutions
Chris Lynch
Managing Director
APC Solutions, UK
"The amount of control we have is incredible. The performance issues with the Telnet application are gone. By using Sinefa we have been able to solve the problems we were having with backups and Office 365. Sinefa has solved multiple problems in the WAN, but also gave insight on where the problems were coming from which we previously didn’t have. We have experienced a decrease of 20% in critical incidents tickets to our NOC" 
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“Sinefa was a perfect fit for our needs. The free trial gave us the confidence to utilise Sinefa as part of a critical project to deploy Office 365 and Skype for Business via Citrix for a key client. 
We had the added benefit of identifying 200GB/month of erroneous network traffic from one of our internal VMs. 
Sinefa provided the data we needed to deliver a great user experience and is now a crucial part of our business.”
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Gerben Bremmer
Technical IT Specialist
Wavin Group

Murray Baker
Technical Lead
Regal IT

"The introduction of Sinefa has had a significant impact on our support department. We used to receive around 10-20 jobs a day logged because of network problems. We estimate that required around 10 man hours a day to address the calls. With the introduction of Sinefa, the number of jobs has dropped to 1-2 per day and they require approximately 1-2 man hours per day in support. We have also noted an improvement in overall staff productivity, but we have been unable to quantify how much that might be. We found price to be the most attractive feature of Sinefa, however the shaping and monitoring is critical for us to establish Citrix. Sinefa without shaping would be helpful, but with shaping and quality it is a spectacular device! It is easy of use, the interface is intuitive and it is not a security risk (metadata only). There is nothing to compare with it.”
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“When I was approached by Sinefa advising they had a solution for our clients networking issues, I was sceptical, very skeptical! They promised me I could see what was going out to the internet, prioritise the traffic and get a deeper insight in to how the internet was being utilised. I was wrong! This little black box (literally is a little black box) has allowed us to better optimise clients network with a press of a button." 
Graeme Moore
IT Infrastructure Engineer
Recoveries Corp
Robert Adelman
"Spark differentiates by providing innovative technologies which combined with our high integrity IT infrastructure offer enormous value to our customers. Sinefa is a great innovation which slotted smoothly into our complex environment and provided rich visibility for all our customers without rolling out hardware. Our customers got immediate centralised visibility and they are delighted."
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Marc Nienkemper
Network & Security National Manager
Spark (Telecom New Zealand)
"We were receiving around a dozen calls a week from users who were having application performance problems, particularly with our Microsoft Dynamics application. Our ISP was unable to identify what the problem was. When we installed Sinefa it became immediately obvious that Facebook, Sound Cloud and iTunes were soaking up a lot of bandwidth. We were able to very easily implement traffic shaping and that has over come the problem. We hardly get any service calls regarding the network now."
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Paul Lenehan
ICT Manager
Rathbone Wine Group
"We were experiencing network performance issues between our Sydney and Melbourne offices. We trialled Sinefa to see if it could help us identify the source of these problems.  Sinefa not only identified the issues with our router connections, but allowed us to drill down to isolating and resolving the cause of the performance issues. We discovered that Apple devices download a lot of updates and we determined that those devices should be set to download updates at non-peak times. Sinefa have a very efficient and friendly team, and we have enjoyed our dealings with them. We found it very easy to install Sinefa and we had it up and running in under 15 minutes. The service is reasonably priced and the benefits we receive should exceed the cost. We have been able to resolve performance issues between our offices, which has led to increased productivity and less frustrated, happier staff.”
Sonya Breider
Support Manager
Meier Business Systems
Adam Ryan
ICT and Project Manager
Clarendon College
"We have recently installed Sinefa onto our network. The overall solution is a very simple and it has reduced the amount of time required in diagnosing internet traffic. It has also highlighted how bandwidth is being utilised by our personnel. The system was very easy to install and Sinefa’s support has been great throughout the process." 
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"Its been a tremendous help to us in diagnosing our networking speed issues, as well as identifying some of the heavy bandwidth using programs/applications/onlines services that we regularly use and some that we thought would use a lot more. The information we gained here will help us in the future in optimizing our own in house services."
Matthew Jarvis
Business Development Manager
Tango Technology
Scott Ward
Media Co-ordinator
Visual Domain

“We were experiencing intermittent poor performance on a data link, we were unable to pin it down and the link speed tests always showed a satisfactory download/upload. After just a few days of implementing Sinefa, we got a clear picture that there were serious errors on the link throughout the day, and night. We also noticed that certain devices and client machines were periodically flooding the link with updates (mainly iOS and Windows updates). Sinefa is a "plug and play" system, which is very easy to install. We even had a non-technical customer install one on site for us.  Internally we have saved about two hours of productivity a day, and have a happier team (priceless). Less than one day’s worth of issues has paid for a month’s Sinefa charges."

Steve Psaradellis
Teba Systems