Evolution Healthcare is a private hospital group in New South Wales, Australia. With data charges running high in a key location, Evolution Healthcare turned to Sinefa partner Tango Technology to identify the cause.

By introducing Sinefa’s visibility and control solution they have the identified and eliminated the bandwidth issues caused by non-critical applications and made signficant savings on data consumption charges.

After solving the issue in the highest priority site, Tango Technology were able to go on and add further Sinefa modules to other sites in the Evolution Healthcare network.


Benefits for Evolution Healthcare

  • Staff productivity gains
  • Cost savings of $500–$1,000 per month – ROI of 1,000 per cent
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Zero-touch deployment
  • Real-time, high visibility into all network traffic
  • One-second  snapshot  of  network performance provides instant insight
  • Easy-to-use single dashboard to instantly shape and optimise network traffic at the application and user level
  • Choice of deployment options

Benefits for Tango Technology

  • Gain strategic advantage through enhanced service quality
  • Improve customer service levels
  • Simple, instant traffic shaping to create, manage and enforce SLAs
  • Reduce support overhead and increase margins
  • Complement existing solutions with no impact on network
  • Boost time saved through optimised network performance
  • Identify and resolve network issues faster
  • Understand application performance and network consumption in real-time


Tango Technology is a Sinefa Partner, servicing Evolution Healthcare, a private hospital group in New South Wales, Australia. They have four hospitals, a head office and data centre within their network and they are a relatively new client for Tango Technology.


The Challenge

Evolution Healthcare couldn’t understand why data costs at their Hurstville Campus were so high each month. They were being charged heavily for excess data and wanted to find the cause. They suspected that hospital visitors using the network were the root problem. At the same time, they didn’t know the impact staff and patients were having on the network.


The Solution

Tango Technology created a free trial for Evolution Healthcare and, via a Sinefa software virtual probe, identified the problem within an hour. The live streaming of network usage that Sinefa provides revealed that Evolution Healthcare’s network traffic primarily comprised of iTunes, YouTube and other recreational applications. With granularity down to the single user and device, Evolution Healthcare could even see that one particular user was running their own streaming service to download content! The trial also revealed that doctors were using their personal laptops and applications over the network.

Now they had found the problem, Evolution Healthcare and Tango Technology were able to quickly and easily take advantage of Sinefa’s easy-to-use dashboard to instantly shape, limit and optimise recreational traffic on the network, significantly boosting its performance immediately.



Evolution Healthcare estimates that Sinefa has helped it save between $500 and $1,000 per month on data consumption charges alone – and just on a single 100 Mbps link!

The cost of the technology is $65 per month, which equates to a 10-fold return on their investment – or 1,000 per cent – every month!

There were also advantages for staff productivity, as the hospital management team and Tango Technology could immediately see that staff were creating significant volumes of traffic to job sites such as LinkedIn and Seek. Until then, there had been no hospital policy around productivity and internet usage, but with the real-time traffic visibility that Sinefa provides, hospital management are now considering implementing rules around internet usage.

Since the successful implementation at Hurstville, Evolution Healthcare have installed Sinefa probes at all their sites, resulting in similar performance and staff productivity benefits across their entire network.

Tango Technology also set up instant alerts and automatic reporting systems, which ensure they are notified as soon as a performance event occurs, allowing them to respond to problems as soon as they arise. Tango Technology maintains control of the Evolution Healthcare account, but is easily able to provide access to the portal for Evolution Healthcare. For Tango Technology, Sinefa offers an efficient and cost effective tool, which ensures that their customers are happy and that productivity losses are minimised.