“Sinefa was a perfect fit for our needs. The free trial gave us the confidence to utilise Sinefa as part of a critical project to deploy Office 365 and Skype for Business via Citrix for a key client.

We had the added benefit of identifying 200GB/month of erroneous network traffic from one of our internal VMs.

Sinefa provided the data we needed to deliver a great user experience and is now a crucial part of our business.” 


Murray Baker, Technical Lead Regal IT,









  • Network management has shifted to the network edge
  • A quality user experience with Skype for Business was critical to success on a multi-site project
  • Application layer and HDX traffic visibility was required
  • Traditional tools were too expensive


  • Network baselined at application layer
  • Bandwidth rightsized at all locations
  • Saved 200GB/m internally
  • Traffic shaping implemented to ensure great user experience on Day 1

Regal IT is a leading systems integrator and Managed Service Provider with specializations in Citrix, Office 365 and Skype for Business deployments. Ensuring a reliable and high quality network service is central to their promise of making customers more successful through better selection, implementation and management of Information Technology. 

Challenge: Deliver a great user experience for an Office 365, Skype for Business and Citrix project

With the growth in cloud-based applications and services, there has been a dramatic change in the typical network profile and management of the network has shifted to the network edge. End customers are are now struggling to retain control of their networksas many of their core applications move to the cloud. Regal IT helps customers with these migrations and needed a tool to help ensure that customers realize the benefits promised by this shift.

Deployment of Skype for Business, especially via Citrix, requires specific attention to the quality of the network from the customer edge to the Microsoft data centre and to application level bandwidth congestion. 

To do this requires the ability to:

• baseline application usage
• right-size the network links
• prioritize traffic (especially Skype for Business) • have instant application traffic visibility and historical analysis (including HDX),
• all through a single, multi-tenanted portal

Traditional solutions have been too expensive for all but the largest clients. A solution was needed that ensured a great user experience irrespective of the office size. 

Solution: Successful project and happy client

A 5-minute demo at Microsoft APC 2016 suggested that Sinefa could be the perfect fit ro deliver on Regal IT’s requirements.

Regal IT undertook a 14-day free trial both internally and in a trusted customer’s network. This afforded the confidence to use Sinefa to provide network traffic insights, analysis and shaping on a major project with a key client. The project involved the rollout of Office 365 and Skype for Business across a multi-site environment through a Citrix virtual desktop.

As part of the trial, Sinefa probes were deployed to baseline existing traffic flows, right-size the bandwidth across all sites irrespective of their size, and verify the external network quality. Traffic shaping policies were then put into place to prioritise traffic such as Skype for Business.

The free trial also provided an immediate benefit when an internal VM with erroneous network traffic of 200GB/month was identified. 

The Future: Sinefa has become a crucial part of our business

Sinefa is now one of the key network management tools for Regal IT.

Ongoing monitoring will be easier with the real-time traffic insights and will ensure a rapid speed to ticket resolution when incidents occur. The application traffic history will also assist in ongoing analysis to identify any changing trends that need to be managed, thereby minimising the likelihood of them becoming an issue.

Visibility at the application level ensures the delivery of a high quality user experience as well as avoiding the blame game. Sinefa is a simple solution to achieve this.