“We had issues with our video and VoIP services that were causing business productivity issues all the way up to the CEO.  We tried throwing bandwidth at the problem but that didn’t work.  After deploying Sinefa we were able to identify the issues and implement traffic management.  Renewed confidence has increased usage by over 350% and user complaints have effectively reduced to zero.  Sinefa has proven to be a no brainer and we have now deployed it in our Melbourne, Sydney, Malaysia and US offices and others will follow on an ‘as needs’ basis.”

Larrie Clark, Global IT Manager






"Problems happen all the time, but you don't always know the cause. It is only when you can see all the contributing factors that you understand why.

 Sinefa gave us a big advantage in that respect with insights both in real time and historically.”

 Warren Nolan, Chief Commercial Officer







“We were able to solve the biggest problems we had with communications and Sinefa made the difference in terms of quality”

Larrie Clark, Global IT Manager


  • Increased Network Utilization was causing issues with cloud services
  • Increasing bandwidth from 20 to 200 Mbps didn't fix the issues
  • Previous attempts to address the issue proved too costly


  • 350% increase in Skype for Business adoption
  • Increased user confidence
  • Significant decrease in helpdesk calls

rhipe is a world-leading aggregator and distributor with a focus on cloud subscription software and a channel execution strategy. Since listing on the Australian stock exchange in 2014, rhipe has enjoyed rapid growth across Asia and has now entered the US.

Challenge: Fix the network and increase user confidence in cloud services

The business has always used cloud services such as Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online for its core internal services.  However, business growth, especially in the Melbourne and Sydney offices, saw an increase in network utilisation and, in turn, the quality and performance of these core cloud services.  VoIP and video services such as Skype for Business were significantly impacted.  This resulted in productivity issues, a significant increase in call volumes to the IT Helpdesk and staff losing confidence in the services.  These concerns went all the way to the CEO.

The IT team knew that Skype for Business was a quality product, however it was operating across the public internet, with no Quality of Service (QoS) and no insights into what other traffic was utilizing the bandwidth.

Increasing network bandwidth from 20 to 200 Mbps did not solve the problem, but did increase the volume of “other” traffic and increased the number of calls to the IT helpdesk as user expectations had been raised.

It was clear visibility and QoS solution was required, however when the IT team had previously looked at offerings in the market, they had proven to be too expensive and overly complex.


Solution: Sinefa - the "no-brainer"

rhipe recently added Sinefa to their ISV program, and commenced distribution to their partners.  They saw rapid take up with partners, but also that Sinefa was also a good fit for their own network.  An ability to provide instant traffic insights, historical analysis and traffic shaping, all from a single cloud-based interface with a subscription pricing model.

After deploying Sinefa probes in the Sydney and Melbourne offices, the live insight capability and historical analysis quickly showed that there was a lot of “non-core” background traffic such as music apps and video streaming.  The increased bandwidth was providing scope for these, however they were hogging the network and the business voice and video conferencing services were not getting the bandwidth they required.  Other insights, such as times of high utilisation and users with high consumption, helped to complete the picture.

With this information, shaping was applied using Sinefa that prioritised the Skype for Business and other core application traffic, whilst still allowing the other "non-core" traffic at a reduced priority.


Benefits: 350% increase in Skype for Business adoption

In the 6 months since implementing Sinefa visibility and shaping, user confidence has returned, calls to the helpdesk are negligible and the use of Skype for Business has increased by around 350% (from approximately 300 calls per week to well over 1,000).

With the network performance issues addressed, other projects have now been able to commence, for example the integration of rhipe’s phone systems with Skype for Business.

The success with the initial Sinefa probe has meant that additional probes have been deployed to the Malaysia and US offices, with other offices following on an “as needs” basis.