Solving longstanding network problems,
in just a few minutes

Sinefa identifies and solves traffic issues

The Stokes network at head office was running slowly and data costs were very high. The company was in dispute with their internet service provider (ISP) on both issues. At the recommendation of the ISP, Stokes undertook two bandwidth upgrades without there being any improvement to the service.

The ISP spent many man-hours on-site troubleshooting without success. The ISP could not provide a cost effective tool to help identify the issue, nor was it able to identify how data charges had accrued. Legal action was imminent.

After two bandwidth upgrades and hours of troubleshooting, Stokes’ IT team installed Sinefa and, within minutes, found that the problem was caused by how they were using the link. With this insight and by using traffic shaping, they were able to avoid a dispute with their ISP, reduce the cost of their link, improve network performance and increase staff productivity.

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