“Network dropouts at a key client were impacting core business applications and we were not delivering on our promise of a great user experience.

Our partners at Telstra suggested looking at Sinefa. We created a free trial account and within within 10 minutes of deploying a probe, we had indentified the underlying cause (device updates) and applied a policy to shape that traffic.

We have gone from 2-3 network quality calls per week from the head office to zero. The client is now enjoying the user experience we strive for, and the relationship between the client, Strong Solutions and Telstra has been enhanced." 

 Kelvin Hay, Director, Strong Solutions









  • Frequent network dropouts at key client with 15 sites
  • Core applications such as ERP and Office 365 were being impacted
  • Traditional tools taking too long to provide insights
  • Poor customer experience with business productivity being impacted


  • Ease and speed of deployment
  • Central and granular, application visibility of network traffic
  • Rapid identification of network dropout causes
  • Centralised real-time traffic shaping
  • No more network quality incidents raised

Strong Solutions’ goal is to ensure that their customers have a great user experience on their journey to the cloud. A key to making this journey a success is having a quality network.

Based out of Sydney but with national and international clients, Strong Solutions are specialists in cloud and infrastructure design, deployment and managed services. They enjoy deep relationships with partners such as Telstra and adopt a multi-cloud approach including Telstra, Azure, AWS and Softlayer. 

Challenge: Identify the cause of network dropouts, stop the finger pointing and deliver a great customer experience 

A key client with 15 locations across the East coast of Australia had begun their journey to the cloud with Office 365 through Telstra and connectivity via the Telstra Next IP network. Despite the high quality of the network, the client was experiencing occasional network dropouts, with 2-3 calls per week from the Head Office alone. Even with close co-operation from Telstra it could take hours to get results from network accounting and although this was detailed, it was not at the application level and did not provide the insights required. This meant that the dropouts had often “resolved” themselves before detailed analysis and a fix could take place. The lack of resolution resulted in end user frustration, recurring service tickets and the understandable finger pointing. 


Solution: Instant application level insights with centralised shaping makes network quality calls a thing of the past 

The Account Executive at Telstra suggested Strong Solutions speak to the team at Sinefa, as the Sinefa solution is complimentary to the existing solutions Telstra offers. 

A free trial probe was ordered and after initial internal testing, the probe was deployed at the client’s head office. Within 10 minutes, Strong Solutions was able to identify the underlying cause as uncontrolled device updates e.g. Windows and iOS and a policy to shape the traffic was applied. A key step in the process was the ability to tag all “software update” applications and then apply a single shaping rule across those applications.

Network quality related calls from the head office have reduced from 2-3 calls per week to none and the finger pointing has stopped. The end user was able to evaluate the benefit of the Sinefa trial at no cost, and once they had seen the benefit were able to roll out across the 15 site WAN in less than two weeks.

Sinefa also highlighted that the way the Telstra Next IP network was being used was causing the performance issues, the network itself was not the problem. 


The Future: Sinefa helps to remove pot holes on the cloud freeway 

The basic requirement of an MSP is to deliver a quality service; without this it’s impossible to deliver other services. Strong Solutions now has the tools to identify and fix networking issues, often proactively, resulting in a better user experience and lower support costs.