Recreational apps can kill your network.  Achieve effective visibility and control in minutes with Sinefa's zero touch deployment.


Besides being enormously unproductive, recreational applications can cripple networks.  A couple of employees streaming or downloading illegal content or watching live TV is just one example of how critical applications and general productivity can be impacted.  Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD), such as smart phones, can have all sorts of applications installed and further impact performance once they are connected to your wifi network. 

  • See all BYOD devices on network
  • Control recreational apps
  • Keep up to date with new types of traffic
  • Hardware, virtual, software and AWS Probes
  • Disruptive business model

Control recreational applications

New recreational apps are popping up every day. Some have a bigger network impact than others. Some can be completely destructive on the network, sapping every ounce of available bandwidth. 

Sinefa's classification catalog is continually updated to recognise and control these new applications. Thousands of these applications are classified in groups such as All Social Networking, All Gaming, All P2P etc. to give you much simpler control. 

With Sinefa you can leverage existing rules and assign the total amount of bandwidth you want to allow for each type of app. Rules are applied instantly across the whole network.

BYOD visibility

All sorts of devices connect to corporate networks these days; from user-centric devices like pads, smartphones & notebooks, to building & infrastructure sensors and the ever growing list of Internet Of Things (IoT).  Devices are everywhere and connect to everything. Knowing what's on the network, where they connect to and what traffic they send is paramount to understanding their impact.  This knowledge allows you to plan your network accordingly.   Sinefa allows you to see all of your network and everything that is attached to it.