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Clarendon College is an independent day and boarding school in Australia. The school has 1200 students across 3 campuses, ranging from the Early Learning Centre to Year 12.

The Challenge

The college faced issues in executing their digital strategy. The quality of education critical applications such as voice was very poor, which lead to an increase in complaints from faculty and staff. Spam emails and viruses and their over-consumption of network capavity was expected to be the root-cause of these performance problems however, due to the lack of visibility of their environment, the IT team at Clarendon College were not able to quickly and effectively detect, isolate and resolve these issues.

The Solution

Within seconds, Sinefa’s intuitive dashboard delivered second by second user, network and application insights. The IT team was able to detect and isolate the source of the spam emails to a student’s notebook as the device had contracted a virus and was broadcasting this out to other devices on the network.

The IT team also found that social media traffic was still present in violation of the college’s policy. Sinefa enabled the IT team were able to restrict social media and allocate 45% of the available capacity to voice and interactive applications. This immediately fixed network congestion and solved the poor performance of voice applications.


The productivity of staff, faculty and students improved significantly with unimpeded access to voice and interactive applications.  The IT team’s Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) has improved by more than 50% and the team is now on a proactive operational journey compared to their earlier reactive position.


As you can see, digital enablement has become central to Clarendon College and other education providers, however, it is no longer good enough to know simply whether the network is up or down. IT teams need to be able to delve into performance problems that are sometimes in cloud, SaaS or Internet networks outside of their immediate control. Here are 3 key questions you need to be able to answer in this scenario.

"Commercial benefits have come in the form of time savings in identifying any service concerns or traffic concerns on our network. It has given us the ability to compare what we think is happening to what is actually happening, to the second.”

Adam Ryan

Capital Works, Infrastructure and ICT Manager at Clarendon College

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