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With approximately 11,500 students from Kindergarten through 12th Grade enrolled across the 32 schools in the system, Black Gold Regional Schools is one of the largest public school divisions in Alberta, Canada. Quality instruction is delivered by over 705 full-time teachers with the support of approximately 525 education assistants, occupational therapists, administrative assistants and librarians.

The organization believes that technology plays an integral role in preparing students to be responsible, productive and ethical adults and that the digital classroom can be a powerful enabler for collaborative and personalized learning.


The implementation of initiatives like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), whereby students bring personally owned devices like laptops and tablets to school, is challenging. Additionally, emerging cloud-based applications such as Google for Education and other learning platforms and administrative systems have been implemented to facilitate learning, collaboration and productivity. For Black Gold, it was imperative that the network resources funded by the division be used for these mission critical activities and not consumed by student, teacher or staff use of recreational applications.


To address these technological challenges, Black Gold developed a comprehensive technology plan covering the 32 schools and 11,500 students in the district and established policies to regulate the responsible use of the network by all students, teachers and staff.

Sinefa’s Network Intelligence solution was employed to implement these policy decisions and provide the IT team with the real-time and historical data required to oversee the enforcement of policy while also enabling continuous policy improvement. The solution also allowed the Black Gold team to establish an overarching set of policies for the district while delivering tailored visibility and control for several individual schools with specific needs and requirements.

The Results

With the implementation of Sinefa’s Network Intelligence Solution, Black Gold’s mission critical applications are meeting student, teacher and staff expectations. When problems do arise, Black Gold’s IT staff are able to quickly isolate the root cause - Is it the network, the application or the user? - and fix it, thereby reducing user frustration and shortening Mean-Time-To-Innocence.

Finally, costly network upgrades, including more expensive circuits as well as the associated cost of higher bandwidth network equipment, can be planned only after the team has ensured that the existing network is fully and properly utilized.

With Sinefa, Black Gold’s vision for state of the art digital campuses with devices available to students at a 1:1 ratio can now be realized.


As you can see, digital enablement has become central to Black Gold Regional Division 18 and other education providers, however, it is no longer good enough to know simply whether the network is up or down. IT teams need to be able to delve into performance problems that exist on their own network, as well as ones outside of their control such as SaaS, cloud and Internet network. Here are 3 key questions you need to be able to answer in this scenario to help you achieve better digital experiences.

"Sinefa gave us instant visibility into our network issues and the ability to control bandwidth consuming recreational applications"

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