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Lack of visibility around operational intent of the network and applications made it difficult for the IT department at Evolution Healthcare to maintain the performance standard of business critical applications. With the instant insights provided by Sinefa’s Network Intelligence and Application Control, they was able to move quickly to firstly analyze, then remediate problems.

As a result, Evolution Healthcare is going to install the platform at each of their other locations.

Evolution Healthcare is a major player for healthcare services across Australia and New Zealand.

Their focus is to improve the management of private healthcare facilities partnering with medical professionals and healthcare providers and offer excellence in patient care. They operate five hospitals, a data center and a headquarter site.

The Challenge

The IT team at Evolution Health received complaints from their Hurstville location. The staff was not able to use critical VoIP and interactive desktop applications. The team suspected the excessive WiFi use by visitors at Hurstville was the issue but they had no evidence.

The Solution

Sinefa’s solution got deployed at the Hurstville location within minutes. The virtual probe provided instant evidence that the use of video applications such as iTunes and YouTube was starving other applications. However, the users were staff members not visitors.

With the solution, the IT team controlled the video application by implementing policies to prioritize business critical applications over it.  Automatic alerts were set to notify the IT manager if usage went beyond a predefined threshold.


Evolution Healthcare estimates that the installation of Sinefa’s Platform has saved the company thousands of dollars every month or ROI of 1000% by avoiding an expensive bandwidth upgrade. The company saw an increase in staff productivity with improved speed and accuracy of patient care.

The Sinefa solution is operational at every location for pervasive visibility.

"Sinefa has generated a Return on Investment of 1000% for Evolution Health"

Satish Gadde
Chief Information Officer at Evolution Healthcare

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