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With Sinefa's real-time Network Intelligence and Application Control, the Council reduced the Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) by approximately 50%.

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Maroondah City Council  improved the performance of its network and applications to deliver a consistent digital user experience using Sinefa’s Performance Intelligence solution.

Their previous solution provided limited visibility into the operational state of the network impacting the user experience. With Sinefa, Maroondah City Council gained  actionable insights into the performance of devices and applications on the network. The IT  team use the insight to create application level policies to prioritize critical applications and resolve poor performance issues.

Maroondah City Council takes pride in their role as a leader in supporting 110, 000 residential properties spanning over 60 kms in Melbourne. Their mandate is to deliver city services that meet the needs and expectations of those living within Maroondah.  Residents, businesses, organisations and key stakeholders work in close partnership to meet this goal.

The council employs 560 individuals across 12 locations connected via a Telstra WAN as part of Telstra Cloud Services. Critical applications for operations include integrated, on-premise council solutions, point-of-sale (POS) systems and Microsoft Office 365 (O365). Public WiFi services are offered at community centres.

The Challenge

Due to network congestion, employees were unable to access business critical applications at certain times, leading to a decrease of productivity impacting the city service quality.

This inconsistency lead to a spike in complaints to the IT department by staff.  Detecting issues and root causing them were difficult and time consuming. The IT teams suspected that O365 migrations were to blame, however they had no way to confirm O365’s bandwidth usage. Another potential cause discussed was the use of recreational applications on the public WiFi network consuming the available bandwidth.

The Solution

Sinefa was recommended by Telstra for its ease of use, flexibility and efficiency. Probes were installed at 8 sites over 4 days, and were operational instantly.

Sinefa’s Network Intelligence gaves real-time visibility into performance metrics. Metrics such as round trip time (RTT), bandwidth consumption and packet loss were easily available along with automated weekly reports sent to key stakeholders. The  root cause of performance issues was not O365 migrations. The public WiFi network consumed 70% of bandwidth during peak times. Sinefa’s Application Control resolved these issues by implementing policies that prioritise business critical applications such as O365 and POS Systems over recreational application increasing the staff productivity.

The Results

With the network insights and application control, Maroondah City Council has reduced their Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) by ~50%.

Sinefa’s reporting functionality also provides visibility to the IT teams around network trends. Using this visibility, IT teams can now forecast future bandwidth requirements and link speeds. This helps them plan for the future.

The motivation and productivity of city employees has significantly improved. The city is able to provide consistent quality services and support to their residents.

"Anytime we get a question about what’s happening on the network, we can now find a problem very quickly. Without having Sinefa in place, we wouldn’t have easily known about that problem. We’re now confident in knowing what’s on our network and where to focus our attention"

Robert Sampson

IT Group Leader of Infrastructure at Maroondah City Council

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