Sinefa delivered the world’s best real-time performance insights and control for Office 365 to world’s third largest ice cream manufacturer.



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Launched in late 2016, Froneri is a new brand in the international ice cream, frozen food and chilled dairy sector. Today, Froneri is the world’s third largest ice cream manufacturer, with operations in more than 20 countries and around 12,500 employees worldwide.

The joint venture between Nestlé and R&R leverages the complementary strengths of the two companies, combining Nestle’s iconic brands and distribution capability with R&R’s competitive manufacturing model and significant retail presence to drive growth.

With R&R having gone through multiple mergers and acquisitions in its history, Froneri knew the size of the task ahead of them and turned to Sinefa for support with creating a new wide area network. They had 24 months to integrate the technologies across 240 sites - that’s one site every two business days.

The Challenge

With sites across the globe and multiple operating systems, enterprise-specific applications and a host of different devices being used across the two corporate networks, Froneri needed a tested, reliable solution that would deliver the world’s best real-time traffic insights and control of the entire network. A new integration effort could crippled networks across Froneri.

Access to immediate traffic insights was critical and needed so that Froneri could quickly identify why the migration of new business apps (in this particular case, Office 365) had brought parts of our network to a standstill.

The Solution

Sinefa's Performance Intelligence solution provided detailed network performance reporting and allowed Froneri to diagnose and treat the issue immediately and easily, minimizing disruption across the network. Without this visibility, pinpointing and addressing this performance issue was a significant challenge for Froneri.

Froneri built a best of breed worldwide hybrid network utilizing internet and MPLS. Having insights into the status and performance of their WAN in real-time is critical for the network they built today and when they move into virtual and software defined networks like SDWAN.


As enterprise networks (On-Premise, Hybrid or Cloud) become more distributed and complex, it’s getting increasingly difficult for companies to see how their networks are operating and ensure that they’re consistently performing well. Sinefa gives organizations real-time visibility into their network and application's performance and allows them to control them to assure the performance of business-critical applications.

“Having insights into the status and performance of our WAN in real-time will be critical for the network we build today and when we move into virtual and software defined networks like SDWAN”

Jonathan Aldred
Group IT Infrastructure & Security Manager at Froneri

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