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Over 150 faculty and staff members in addition to 1050 students




New South Wales, Australia

For over 30 years, the faculty at Oxford Falls Grammar School (OFGS) have been committed to empowering students learning skills to achieve their full potential. Located in Australia, the school consists of over 150 faculty and staff who educate 1050 students from kindergarten through to year 12.

To prepare students for their roles as leaders of the future, Oxford Falls Grammar School (OFGS) provided them with the necessary skills and tools including connected devices. With the increase in the number of devices on the network, students and staff noticed a decline in the performance of many critical educational applications.

OFGS turned to Sinefa’s Network Intelligence solution to get visibility into their network/applications performance and remediate issues detected.  With Sinefa, the school now delivers a superior user experience by improving the performance of education applications delivered on their network. As a result, the overall quality of education delivered to OFGS  students has improved.

The Challenge

Given the increasing reliance on ICT in the classroom and the surge in the number of devices connected to the network, congestion became widespread. Students and teachers experienced a noticeable decrease in the quality of performance of core applications which impeded teachers ability to teach, and their students to learn. OFGS needed a solution that was fast to deploy and effective in improving the performance of applications without having to make unnecessary changes to network infrastructure or upgrading the bandwidth.

The Solution

Sinefa’s Network Intelligence solution provides out of the box, KPIs for instant insights around the operational state of the network and applications.

OFGS can now drill down into performance anomalies by segmenting network usage by groups such as wireless, students and staff. Based on these insights, members of the IT team can quickly identify applications and users that are impacting overall network performance and take the necessary steps to remediate them. The solution prioritizes critical educational applications allocating them the appropriate amount of bandwidth.


OFGS delivers a superior user experience to students and teachers using Sinefa. Rather than purchasing additional bandwidth immediately, OFGS uses their network optimally and stretches out upgrades.

The IT team is now proactive rather than reactive with automated weekly reports providing critical information on application usage and trends. The team invests better by making informed decisions.


As you can see, digital enablement has become central to Oxford Falls Grammar School and other education providers, however, it is no longer good enough to know simply whether the network is up or down. IT teams need to be able to delve into performance problems that exist on their own network, as well as ones outside of their control such as SaaS, cloud and Internet network. Here are 3 key questions you need to be able to answer in this scenario to help you achieve better digital experiences.

“It was so simple to deploy and within minutes we could see which users were hogging the network. We can now see how the network is used, make the most of the bandwidth we have and stretch out any future upgrades”

Michael Smith

Oxford Falls Grammar School

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