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With the visibility of their environment that Sinefa provides, PSP has been able to ensure that the digital experience provided to their customers is maintained at a world-class standard to give them a competitive advantage in the market.

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Established in 1996 as an initiative that would support the growth of the region’s economy, Plymouth Science Park (PSP) offers a world-class total business environment to around 100 organizations operating in the medical, science, technology and knowledge-based industries. Their IT operations are hosted within two onsite Data Centers, which also provide secure and resilient co-location facilities for onsite tenant companies in addition to a number of remote partner organisations and third parties. PSP provides a diverse range of connectivity solutions to their tenant base, including differentiated broadband Internet, LAN connectivity, dark fibre, VoIP and wireless. Business-critical applications include VoIP, virtualized services, Office 365, buildings management and security services.

The Challenge

There were a number of challenges facing PSP, first of which, was navigating the growing complexities of their digital environment to provide the best of digital experiences to users. The nature of their business as well as the scope of operations of their customers requires them to be able to dynamically accommodate for the differentiated requirements of the network and applications. Another major issue for the team was the expense of their previous solution, in terms of both time and money. PSP needed a solution that would reduce their exposure to ongoing and unforeseen costs whilst maintaining or even exceeding the visibility and granularity of network traffic and platform performance.

The Solution

As a single, cloud-based platform providing visibility across multiple sites, Sinefa scores the digital experiences for all users wherever they are. “The ease of deployment and simplicity of configuration” allowed the team at the Science Park to almost instantaneously understand how bandwidth was being consumed by users at a very granular level across applications, hosts and subnets. Based on these insights, Application Controls could be implemented, enabling the team be able to prioritize traffic to and from particular applications, hosts and subnets so that the IT team could create bespoke packages depending on the requirements of individual tenants.

The Results

With many of their data center customers hosting applications and data on behalf of their own customers, Sinefa ensures that user experience and network performance is maintained at a world-class standard. The ability to rapidly implement changes is not only appreciated by their customers, but also differentiates PSP from external ISPs to give them a clear competitive advantage. Using the reporting capability, digital experiences are validated on an ongoing basis giving tenants confidence in the services that they are provided with. In addition, the low cost of hardware and the ability to consolidate multiple sites into a single management platform, the team at PSP were “able to significantly reduce their CAPEX and OPEX costs, as well as more accurately financially forecast”.

Sinefa will be a key component to the IT environment at PSP as they develop their infrastructure to meet increasing demands and diversification of the network, the evolution of applications and the adoption of faster access technologies.

"We have achieved what we set out to do: save on capex cost, reduced exposure to large unforeseen expenditure, maintain quality services and gain the benefit from enhanced features”

Jonathan Harris

ICT Operations Manager at Plymouth Science Park

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