DEM for Remote Workers

The shift to remote work as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has been rapid and dramatic in scale. As IT teams move past the initial phase of enabling connectivity, security and application access, the biggest new challenge is ensuring productivity and engagement. Digital Experience Monitoring plays a vital role by giving IT teams user experience visibility from endpoint devices to every application.

Remote work erodes traditional IT visibility

Enterprises have rapidly embraced SaaS and migrated applications from data centers to public cloud service providers. Prime examples include cloud-based videoconferencing and collaboration suites such as Webex, Zoom and Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Office 365. The shift to the cloud created visibility challenges for IT teams that rely on traditional monitoring tools. Legacy monitoring focuses primarily on internally-owned IT and network infrastructure. However, the move to cloud-based services places most of that infrastructure outside of IT's hands and introduces many new external networks and Internet unpredictability into the mix.

Unfortunately, traditional monitoring doesn't offer insight into these external dependencies.

The challenges of branch to cloud visibility look relatively quaint in the age of COVID-19. As employees move to home-based work, IT no longer has a branch office network under it's control. Users rely on home wifi, local Internet gateways, and must contend for bandwidth with gaming and streaming media entertainment. Add Internet connectivity to multiple SaaS providers and IT is an unenviably blind position when it comes to understanding and helping remote workers.

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DEM offers holistic insight for the new workforce

Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) restores visibility by integrating user experience and performance insights across the entire service delivery chain, including endpoint devices, network and Internet paths, network traffic, and application and API data. Whether users sit in a branch or at home, DEM helps IT regain lost visibility so that they can effectively support employee productivity and engagement.

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