Distributed Customer Premises (CP) Probes
Ideal for organisations with distributed locations looking for the most effective Visibility and Control.


Sinefa Customer Premises (CP) Probes are deployed at the customer's premises.  CP Probes are available as hardware and virtual. A hardware CP Probe is the fastest way to start seeing and controlling your network and ideal for environments that lack virtual infrastructure.   

  • Zero touch, highly automated deployment
  • Low cost hardware enabling total coverage
  • Designed for high speed and network scale
  • Centralised, cloud-based management

Whether one or a thousand CP Probes, the management and reporting is the same and is delivered from Sinefa's cloud based application.  In distributed deployment, Sinefa provides visibility and control at every deployment point supporting both hub and spoke and fully meshed topologies as well as WAN and Internet traffic.   Distributed Sinefa deployments work well to control locations that have access to the WAN as well as direct access to the Internet, where the Internet traffic could compete with critical WAN traffic.

Sinefa Hardware CP Probe

Sinefa CPE is installed in-line with the network to collect and classify all the traffic on the wire. Sinefa strongly believes in automating deployment  and management and has introduced a zero-config deployment for Sinefa CPE.  CPEs are allocated to respective accounts before they are even shipped. Upon arrival on site, an automatic IP and a web connection to the internet is what's needed to finalise deployment.  Sinefa's cloud based Application does the rest. 

Equipped with multiple bridge pairs and ethernet bypass, the CPE Probe can monitor multiple physical paths and ensure the network is uninterrupted in the event of hardware failure.   Other deployments like SPAN & TAP are also supported with Sinefa CPE Probes.