Centralised Customer Premises (CP) Probe
Deployment for the DC or head office where applications and access is delivered


A single Sinefa Customer Premises (CP) Probe can be deployed where applications and access is hosted.  A DC, Head Office or private cloud are typical locations where organisations centralise their applications and access. Sinefa can provide WAN wide visibility from a single location in such environments.

  • Zero touch, highly automated deployment
  • Designed for high speed & scale
  • Centralised, cloud-based management
  • Ideal for star topologies
  • Support for multiple central locations

In a centralised CP Probe deployment, all the network traffic for an organisation would traverse a central location where the traffic can be classified and controlled by Sinefa. 

Sinefa's Segmentation enables reporting and control of the traffic by logical segments such as departments and branch offices.  The whole network can be managed as a whole or it can be segmented by brach offices where different control policies can be applied.