Azure ExpressRoute
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Office 365 is a great product that is getting widespread adoption across the globe, and
continues the trend of organisations adopting business critical applications hosted in the cloud. A legitimate concern of network users, and network managers is how will Office 365 perform on my network and will my business be affected by poor application performance?

Make an informed decision
Before making an investment in ExpressRoute, it’s critical to have all the available data at your fingertips. Sinefa gives you the visibility you need to really decide whether Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute is right for your business, and if so we can set it up to ensure that your Office 365 apps always run to their full potential.

Is more links the answer?
Office 365 adds significant load to the network, and that additional capacity may well be needed to ensure it performs well.  Microsoft recognises this, and is offering ExpressRoute as a way of ensuring application performance. ExpressRoute is essentially a private link dedicated to Office 365 (and other Azure applications).

Before you make a call on ExpressRoute, you need complete network visibility to ensure that any additional investement in link capacity is truly justified. Before taking the plunge, here’s what we we recommend:


Baseline performance with a tool that delivers complete network visibility

Your starting point should be complete network visibility to ensure that you or your customers are not incurring additional cost and management time to support Office 365. Installing a network visibility tool prior to migrating to Office 365 enables you to baseline the utilisation of the network before and after Office 365 deployment.

Understand which apps and users consume bandwidth, then free up your resources

Before subscribing to ExpressRoute, it is vital to understand which applications and users are consuming the current bandwidth, whether there is existing capacity, or if capacity can be freed-up by restricting non-critical application usage. Once you have good visibility of your network traffic you’ll be able to free up resources and optimise critical apps.

Make an informed decision based on full visibility of a fully optimised network

The cost difference between optimising the existing network and deploying ExpressRoute is quite stark, so you need to ensure that you’re getting the absolute optimum from your existing resources. Sinefa’s high-resolution visibility enables you to make a truly informed decision on whether additional links are required and the investment justified.

It’s about time you had the visibility and control you need.

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