Live visibility with 1-second resolution
See everything about your network traffic in 1-second resolution

Measure Application RTT
See Round Trip Times (RTT) by application, host, location & website

Setup alerts based on utilisation & quality and email or send to PagerDuty. 

Share access with others
Invite others to see analytics with a single click. 

A single Sinefa instance can serve thousands of customers. Start small and scale it out. 



What's hammering the network?

With deep packet Inspection and a dynamic intelligence engine you can find out easily. Get a centralised global view of all locations and users in minutes from the cloud and never have to worry about upgrades. 

Easy to read dashboards

Create the dashboard that matters to you with a collection of ever expanding data widgets.  Share dashboards with colleagues and highlight key performance indicators for your network and different branch locations. 

Get the detail you need

Historical data is stored for long term analysis and trending.   Drill down to individual users and their respective applications and websites. The data is always there for your analysis.  Analyse short and long term patterns and understand how trends impact your network.

Live! 1 second traffic snapshots

Nothing like seeing application traffic right now! Sinefa's pervasive visibility can tell you at any one second what traffic is on the entire network and across multiple locations. Respond to issues much faster with 1 sec network wide snapshot of apps, users, websites, flows and more, all from a single web browser. 

Control - Fast, easy, effective

Simple, out of the box policies to make your network perform as expected. Control recreational, streaming and social apps that get in the way of critical business applications.  Guarantee the performance of voice, video & critical app which power your business.  With Sinefa, you don't have to worry about adding new applications to control - Our cloud does this for you. Set the right polices, apply them across the whole network and focus on your core business. 

Share the love

Sinefa is social.   Share network intelligence with stakeholders using a simple email invite.  Anyone can be invited to your account and access it from anywhere.  No more firewall rules & VPNs to get access into your network.  Access is a click away.  Share PDF reports of data of interest or send direct URL links for interactive analysis.

Segments, Offices & Locations

Segment and report traffic any way you like.   Network traffic can be segmented based on various different characteristics offering different ways to report and control.  Segments can represent different divisions in an organisation, customers, offices, Datacentre locations or any other logical separation of traffic.  

BYOD Visibility & Control

There are more devices in the network than users and that trend continues to grow.  Knowing what type of device is using the network and what they're doing has not been simpler.  See network analytics for your iOS 8 devices and apply control policies when needed. 


Usernames & Active Directory

Username visibility and control adds even more context to BYOD, IP addresses and applications.  Sinefa can track usernames across the entire network to provide better visibility and better user experience by prioritising different groups of real users. 


We really mean it. Pick it up, Plug it in, Turn it on, Go. Extensive automation ensures low cost deployment at any scale, a key factor in delivering pervasive visibility across your entire network.


Start small, go big, monitor everywhere

Sinefa is cloud based, multi-tenanted and capable of collecting network traffic from physical, virtual and cloud based networks. Collect network traffic across the entire network to visualise and action centrally.


Historical Reporting
Drill down into the historical detail and go back in time for 30 days.

Operating System (OS) visibility
See what OS platforms and BYOD are using you network. 

Segment your data
Create traffic segments based on VLAN, subnets, applications and more for deeper analysis. 

Inline & out of path deployments
Deploy in the line of traffic for control or sit on the sidelines to provide visibility.

Automated weekly reports in your inbox
Receive comprehensive reports about your network and applications every week

Active Directory integration
Visualise traffic by AD user. 

Traffic Shaping
Easily shape traffic, prioritise critical business apps and control recreational apps.

Network Quality
Measure the quality of your network across multiple locations using Sinefa's Network Quality Score (NQS)

Layer 7 visibility
Classification for over 10,000 different apps and app groups. Weekly automated updates for new apps. 

See the health of TCP applications
See how network efficient your TCP applications are. 

Physical, Virtual, Cloud, RPM & NFV
Get a box, spin up a VM, Launch in AWS or Azure, or install on Linux as RPM.  We have you covered.