It’s about building a more efficient,
more profitable IT business

Get continuous, actionable insight into
the networks you manage

At Sinefa, we understand that as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) you need to be able to deliver network services to your customers profitably and with the best possible quality. Sinefa enables MSPs to obtain continuous insight into their networks.

Broadband is supposed to deliver new efficiencies, but poorly functioning networks reduce the expected gains. We’ve found that a common factor is that most network performance issues arise from the way in which the network is being used rather than the technology itself. It’s generally a matter of utilisation rather than capacity or network access. In other words, network traffic is the problem, not networks.

Our accumulated experience, gained from working with MSPs throughout the world, clearly shows us that many networks are performing badly, which has a seriously detrimental impact on productivity.

If you are an MSP, this matters.


See what other IT companies say about Sinefa...

“Commercial benefits have come in the form of time savings in identifying any service concerns or traffic concerns on our network. It has also given us the ability to compare what we think is happening to what is actually happening, to the second.”

Adam Ryan,
ICT and Project Manager,
Ballarat Clarendon College

“Sinefa is a great innovation which slotted smoothly into our complex environment and provided rich visibility for all our customers without rolling out hardware. Our customers got immediate centralised visibility and they are delighted.”

Marc Nienkemper,
Network & Security National Manager,
Spark New Zealand

Network performance tuned to the needs of your customers

Sinefa gives you complete visibility of network traffic, identified by application type. You can see, in real-time and historically, which applications are consuming the most bandwidth, allowing you to make objective, fact-based decisions and apply real-time traffic shaping to control your network.

Sinefa enables you to deliver the network performance your customers expect, maintaining SLAs, ensuring consistent performance, tuned to the specific needs of your customers.

As a result, customers secure a better experience and are happier. This generates loyalty and helps create competitive advantage for your business. Better, it reduces your costs and boosts profits.


Partnering with Sinefa
5 good reasons...

Build a more efficient, more profitable IT business

Sinefa is a next-generation network management solution. It is cloud-based and offers organisations layer 7 application visibility, traffic shaping and network quality across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure. Scaling from one site to thousands, Sinefa is ideal for deployment in almost any environment. It allows you to manage multiple networks efficiently, cost-effectively and with minimal overhead. As a result, you’ll see huge improvements in customer satisfaction and business performance.

Improve your customer service levels

Sinefa delivers happier customers! Installing Sinefa on your customer networks means that applications will perform better. Sinefa-enabled networks mean fewer complaints, fewer service tickets, fewer site visits and much faster resolution of support issues. You’ll see instant improvements in customer satisfaction.

Do more with less

Sinefa allows you to manage more customer networks, more effectively and with fewer staff. Sinefa provides a unique level of visibility, so you can anticipate and upsell services that precisely match your customers’ needs. Sinefa delivers the platform for a more efficient, profitable IT business.

Comply with Service Level Agreements

Ensure compliance with SLAs and deliver the performance your customers expect. Sinefa helps you to avoid penalties and provide an optimised experience that is specific to their needs.


Gain an important strategic advantage

Sinefa allows you to stand apart from your competitors. You’ll be able to transition from simple static services and sales to dynamic field network management, opening up new recurring revenue opportunities. You’ll be able to provide your clients with a unique level of service.


It's about time you had the visibility and control you need.

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