What is FireWall as a Service?

Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) is a next-generation secure internet gateway through Azure. Providing customers with a secure internet connection for their private network, FWaaS offers businesses a significantly more cost-effective alternative to access market leading protection. Hosted in Microsoft’s Azure datacentres, FWaaS is a scalable solution capable of servicing a broad range of businesses regardless of size or requirements and without compromising on availability.

Why does my business need it?

Cyber security is necessary for a business to prevent and defend against fraud, hacking, theft and many other serious threats that can damage and cripple business activity. These hostile organisations continue to evolve and are fast requiring stronger and smarter tools to guard against attack.

Azured’s FireWall as a Service offers businesses a solution for secure internet access over Telstra’s next generation network. Delivering peace of mind, Azured deploys and manages its FireWall service; offering a complete end-to-end solution protecting your business from the ever- evolving cyber threats and predators.


Benefits of FWaaS:

Better cost efficiency

Market leading FireWall protection (Palo Alto Networks)

Increased network visibility

Greater service availability

Reduced management effort


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