Improve application performance

It’s about delivering better application performance as soon as it’s needed.

  • Total visibility of all apps, user activity and traffic trends
  • No more network blind spots
  • Intelligent traffic shaping prioritises business critical applications such as Office 365, RDP, VoIP, Citrix, SAP, Oracle and others.
  • No configuration required – just plug in and play

Spend less time fielding complaints from frustrated users. Sinefa’s visibility and shaping improves application performance across the entire network - from a single screen, and without any programming.

With the right intelligence and controls in place, you can monitor and shape network traffic to deliver higher-performing apps and a more consistent user experience. 


Know your network

Sinefa detects and classifies all applications and users. And we do mean all. You’ll have access to real time data on how business critical apps are performing, and easily identify rouge network users and activity. 

Get rid of visibility gaps

With networks and apps becoming more fragmented and highly distributed, placing a visibility probe at the head office or datacentre won’t give you a full picture. Sinefa’s offers visibility of the entire network. From a single cloud interface, you can view what’s happening in all physical, virtual, private and cloud locations including Virtual Network Function, RPM on server, Amazon Web Services and Azure. 

Prioritise business critical apps

Improving application performance has never been easier with intelligent traffic shaping. There’s no configuration time. Straight from the box, Sinefa’s default shaping rules suit the majority of networks. Crafted from years of experience and network trends, our policies effectively prioritise business critical apps and ensure the reliable performance of time sensitive functions like voice and video.